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Public Cloud


Public Cloud

Dudobi partners with the world’s leading public cloud providers to deliver highly scalable hosted applications and bespoke business solutions to UK organisations.

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Operating in the cloud can lead to greater agility, efficiency and innovation within your organisation.

Implemented correctly in partnership with Dudobi, public cloud brings you:

Scalability as your needs grow or change

Global deployment at greater speeds

Flexibility to provision application resources on demand

Adaptable testing and development environments

Cost transparency through real time resource usage, monitoring and reporting

Support for agile development tools and deployment mechanisms

Dudobi demystifies the complex setup and implementation of cloud environments, guiding you in choosing the correct options, services and features that best meet your business requirements.

Our strategic approach and proven cloud management practices help ensure the configuration of your cloud platform is aligned with your business needs, reducing wasted resources, overspend and downtime.


A cloud platform designed and built according to industry best practice guidelines

DevOps support for your application development team

Fully managed approach covering security, networking and cost optimisation

Comprehensive 24×7 monitoring of all cloud services with automated alerting and response

Disaster recovery and business continuity built-in ensuring you are covered for any eventuality

A fixed price, unlimited service backed by proven cloud expertise

Guidance and support from our expert team throughout your cloud journey

We support your teams on the following platforms:

VM ware
Microsoft Azure

We are proud to count ourselves amongst the handful of UK cloud service providers who have been awarded ISO 27001 accreditation. The scope of our certification covers the provision of IT consulting, managed services, and private and public cloud services delivered from several highly resilient and secure data centres.

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