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IT Director Service

Benefit from a trusted IT partner with two decades of experience delivering expert advice and providing best-practice guidance.

IT Director

As businesses grow and technology develops, many companies lack personnel with the relevant skills to advise on strategic IT matters. Those responsible for technical decisions may turn to mid-level staff or suppliers for input. Without the necessary understanding and holistic perspective on the business, this often results in overly simplified, short-term solutions.

Dudobi’s impartial, professional advice is relied upon by our clients to enhance their internal operations, saving them from costly mistakes and providing solutions to take their businesses to new heights.

We apply our in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise to your business by functioning as your trusted IT Director, providing board-level input to the senior management team and directors in order to help them better evaluate technology challenges and opportunities in order to achieve your organisation’s business goals.

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Facilitation and support in developing and enhancing your IT strategy

Help in setting your budget and ongoing advice to help you stick to it

Advice on procurement and resourcing

Guidance in ensuring value for money for your technology spend

Strategic input and advice in choosing the right solutions for your business

Access to Cloud Complete; our unique strategic approach to cloud service selection, migration & deployment and ongoing management

Advice on appropriate business continuity and disaster recovery solutions

Support in defining IT policies and procedures

Augmentation of your existing skill set with project management resources

Audits and advice on ways to improve, enhance and streamline your infrastructure


With Dudobi’s personalised IT Director Service, your organisation benefits from sound analysis and reliable information that you can depend on when making critical strategtic IT decisions and investments.

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