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Dudobi supports your development team by enabling them to work across the entire application lifecycle, boosting productivity and improving results.


DevOps logoDudobi supports your development team by enabling them to work across the entire application lifecycle, boosting their productivity and improving their results.

Our shared responsibility model sees us working hand-in-hand with your development team ensuring that all parties can be more productive. We will take responsibility for your infrastructure and management processes as well as acting as your security team.


Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams are no longer siloed, but have visibility across the whole operations stack. Our partnership with your dev team encourages the full use of technology and with the right tools helps your team to operate and deliver applications quickly and reliably. Our service includes:

A hand-in-hand partnership with your dev team to simplify your development lifecycle

A service team able to assist with a wide variety of queries to help maintain system performance and security

Assistance in applying and adhering to an industry best-practice baseline

The development of an operations manual which is agreed by all parties

A monitoring and reporting system which incorporates key performance metrics

As part of our partnership model, your developers can innovate faster, adapt better to changing markets and grow even more efficient at driving business results.

Our goal is to empower and upskill your developers so they can better interact with the operations-side of the hosted platform. The result is an increased frequency of stable releases so you can innovate and improve your products faster.


Unlimited access to our highly skilled and personable operations team who are on hand to assist with any development or infrastructure-related questions.

We help you maintain the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes without impacting performance.

We reduce risk by introducing automation to help you manage complex or frequently changing systems.

Through increased communication and collaboration, we bring together the workflows and responsibilities of development and operation teams.

Your data will be more secure with our automated compliance policies, fine-grained controls and configuration management techniques.

Our monitoring and logging tools give you greater transparency into how application and infrastructure performance can be improved to boost the end-user experience.

We support your teams on the following platforms:

Microsoft Azure
VM ware

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